How Many Watts Does A Fridge Use?

Are you curious about how many watts does a fridge use? Here’s an eye-opening fact, refrigerator power usage depends on different factors. In general, refrigerator power usage varies between 350-780 watts, influenced by fridge type, size, age, kitchen temperature, and placement. This guide will demystify fridge power consumption, exploring everything from the average wattage used by different […]

How to Break in Your Portable Generator

Has your new portable generator arrived, and you’re not sure how to set it up for optimal performance? It’s vital to know that correctly breaking in a generator can prolong its life and ensure maximum efficiency. Here is everything you need to know for how to break in your portable generator. To break in your portable generator, start by filling […]

Cons Of A Regular Generator

Whether you’re thinking of investing in a regular generator or already own one, it’s essential to be aware of its downsides. So, what are the cons of a regular generator? Each time there is a power outage, you will need to wheel your generator out of storage, connect it to a transfer switch, and start […]

How Much Gas Does A Generator Use?

Are you wondering how much gas does a generator use? You’re not alone, most people are often surprised how much fuel different generators will use. A gasoline generator with a capacity of 5 kilowatts consumes about 0.75 gallons of fuel every hour. In comparison, an 8-kilowatt diesel generator uses approximately 0.5 gallons of fuel per […]