How To Use An Impact Wrench

Are you struggling with stubborn nuts and bolts during your repair or construction works? An Impact wrench, a powerful tool primarily used to tighten or loosen bolts, can be your game-changer. But, how to use an impact wrench exactly? When using an impact wrench, first make sure it’s powered up. Next, choose the correct socket for your bolt. […]

How To Read A Feeler Gauge

For anyone dealing with machinery or tools, accurately measuring the gap between two components is crucial. Wondering how to read a feeler gauge? To read and use a feeler gauge, first identify the gap you aim to measure. Select the blade stamped with the closest thickness, ensuring it’s clean. Insert it into the gap, feeling for slight […]

How To Change Bit On Dremel

Are you looking to change the bit on your Dremel tool but unsure how to go about it? You’re not alone, as this is a common issue encountered by many Dremel users. Simply put, how to change bit on Dremel is a simple and straight forward process. To change the bit on a Dremel, first, make sure it is […]

What Gauge Extension Cord For Power Tools?

Are you unsure about the right extension cord gauge to use for your power tools? This is a common confusion among tool users, especially since choosing incorrectly can adversely affect both safety and efficiency. So, what gauge extension cord for power tools should you use? Generally, for most household power tools, a 12 to 14 gauge cord is […]

How Hot Does A Heat Gun Get?

Ever wonder just how hot does a heat gun get? These incredibly versatile tools can reach astonishing temperatures capable of melting plastics and burning fabrics. So, what temperatures can these tools actually reach? A heat gun emits hot air, with temperatures typically between 100°C to 550°C (212°F to 1022°F). Some industrial models can exceed 760°C (1400°F). Basic heat guns […]

How To Use Impact Screwdriver

Are you frustrated by stubborn screws and bolts that just won’t budge? But, how to use impact screwdriver alludes many. Don’t fear, we are here to help. An impact screwdriver converts forceful impacts into rotational movement, aiding in loosening stuck screws or bolts. To use, select the appropriate bit then insert it into the screw head. Next, […]

How To Store Power Tools

Are your power tools strewn haphazardly around your work area, making it hard to find what you need? Here’s a fact: Proper storage extends the life of these invaluable tools. Store power tools in a clean, dry environment, ideally in their original cases or on pegboards. For corded tools, avoid storing by the cord and […]

AC Symbol On Multimeter

Are you finding the symbols on your multimeter confusing, especially when it comes to AC voltage? If so, you aren’t alone. So, what exactly does the AC symbol on multimeter look like? A multimeter will have two V symbols, one for DC and one for AC. The AC symbol is represented by a ‘V’ with […]

What Is The Symbol For DC On Multimeter?

Wondering what is the symbol for DC on multimeter? This isn’t uncommon; many people struggle with recognizing and properly using this symbol. The symbol for DC voltage on a multimeter is represented by a “V” with a combination of a solid and dashed line above it. On the other hand, the AC voltage symbol is denoted […]