Who Makes Matco Tools

Who Makes Matco Tools?

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Matco stands as a premier manufacturer and distributor of top-tier automotive repair tools. Ask any mechanic about their preferred tool brands, and Matco tools often top the list. But, who makes Matco tools?

Matco Tools manufacturers their own line of toolboxes in their Jamestown, NY plant. However, Matco does not directly manufacturer it’s tools, rather they are a distributor. They source their tools from various manufacturers, both within the United States and overseas.

Matco Tools operates as a subsidiary of Vontier Corporation, which is a diversified industrial conglomerate. The brand primarily sells its products through a network of independent franchised mobile distributors who visit professional mechanics and technicians in their workplaces.

This guide will not only introduce you to this major player but also shed light on their manufacturing processes, distribution networks and the quality standards they uphold.

Ready for an insightful journey into the world of Matco Tools? Let’s dive right in!

Overview of Matco Tools

Matco Tools designs top-notch automotive repair equipment, including diagnostic tools, toolboxes, and tool kits. Its reputation rests on the high quality of these products. However, it doesn’t manufacture all its own tools. Many get sourced from other reliable brands to ensure the highest standards.

Besides being a leader in design and manufacturing, Matco also excels in distribution. The company uses an extensive network of franchises for local distribution across several regions.

This system guarantees that every mechanic or enthusiast who needs their products can easily access them.

Owned by Vontier Corporation

Matco Tools is proudly owned by Vontier Corporation, a prominent Fortune 500 company. As a subsidiary of Vontier, Matco Tools benefits from the support and resources of a global leader in various industries.

Through this ownership, Matco Tools continues to maintain its reputation as a trusted manufacturer and distributor of high-quality automotive repair tools, diagnostic tools, toolboxes, and tool kits.

With Vontier’s backing, Matco Tools remains committed to providing professionals and enthusiasts with top-notch products that meet their needs and exceed expectations.

Where Are Matco Tools Made?

Matco toolboxes are manufactured in the United States, with a manufacturing plant located in Jamestown New York. The production of air tools, electric tools, hand tools and diagnostic tools is either contracted out to other manufacturers, or produced in house by Matco itself.

Manufactured in the United States

Matco Tools manufacturers a portion of products right here in the United States. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Jamestown, New York, Matco Tools produces a wide range of high-quality automotive repair tools, diagnostic tools, toolboxes, and tool kits.

By keeping their production within the country, Matco is able to maintain strict quality control standards and ensure that their customers receive top-notch products that meet their needs.

Distribution of Matco Tools

Matco Tools is distributed through local tool distributors who operate as franchises, similar to other professional tool brands like Snap-on and Cornwell.

Distributed by local tool distributors through franchises

Matco Tools are distributed through a network of local tool distributors who operate as franchises. These distributors play a crucial role in bringing Matco’s high-quality automotive repair tools, diagnostic tools, and tool kits directly to professional mechanics and enthusiasts.

Similar to other professional tool brands like Snap-on and Cornwell, Matco Tools relies on the expertise and reach of these local distributors to ensure their products are available to customers across the United States.

Similar to Snap-on and Cornwell

Matco Tools operates in a similar way to other professional tool brands like Snap-on and Cornwell. They distribute their products through local tool distributors who own franchises.

Just like Snap-on and Cornwell, Matco Tools is known for its high-quality automotive repair tools, diagnostic toolstoolboxes, and tool kits.

Matco Tools Reputation

Matco Tools has gained a reputation for producing high-quality tools that are comparable to other professional tool brands.

Known for high-quality tools

Matco Tools has built a reputation for producing high-quality tools that are trusted by professionals in the automotive repair industry. Their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every product they create.

From diagnostic tools to toolboxes and tool kits, Matco Tools ensures that their customers have access to reliable and durable equipment. With a focus on precision and performance, Matco Tools stands alongside other renowned professional tool brands in terms of quality.

Comparable to other professional tool brands

Matco Tools has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality tools that are comparable to other professional tool brands. As a subsidiary of the Vontier Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, Matco Tools ensures that their automotive repair toolsdiagnostic tools, toolboxes, and tool kits meet the same standards as other top-notch brands in the industry.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and durability, Matco Tools provides mechanics and enthusiasts with reliable equipment to tackle any job.

Who makes Matco tools FAQs

Who makes Matco tools?

Matco tools are made by the Danaher Corporation, a global manufacturer and marketer of professional tool and equipment brands.

Are Matco tools high quality?

Yes, Matco tools are known for their high quality and durability. They are designed to withstand heavy use in professional automotive and industrial settings.

Where can I buy Matco tools?

Matco tools are sold through a network of authorized distributors, which include both mobile tool trucks that visit shops and online retailers.

Do Matco tools come with a warranty?

Yes, Matco offers a lifetime warranty on many of their hand tools. This means that if your tool breaks or fails due to normal use or manufacturing defects, it will be replaced free of charge.

Conclusion: Who makes Matco tools?

Matco Tools, a division of Vontier Corporation, is responsible for making their own line of high-quality automotive repair tools, diagnostic tools, toolboxes, and tool kits. With a manufacturing plant in New York and an emphasis on American production, Matco Tools ensures that their products meet the needs of professional mechanics and enthusiasts alike.



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