Who Makes DuroMax Generators

Who Makes DuroMax Generators?

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DuroMax Generators are widely known for their efficiency and reliability in providing power. Many users rely on these generators during power outages or for other energy needs. But have you ever wondered, who makes DuroMax Generators, and where are they made?

DuroMax generators are made by DuroMax Power Equipment. All DuroMax products are engineered and serviced in Ontario, California, and built to specifications in China.

It seems there are more portable generator brands to choose from than ever. And when considering on a brand, it’s often nice to know who really makes the unit. Especially if warranty or servicing is ever needed.  

In this guide, we will explore the origins of DuroMax generators, understanding the company behind them, the manufacturing process, and the standards that make them stand out in the market.

Ready to unveil these power-packed machines? Let’s dive into who makes DuroMax generators!

The Manufacturer of DuroMax Generators

DuroMax generators are manufactured by DuroMax Power Equipment, which designs and engineers portable generators, engines, water pumps, and pressure washers.

DuroPower as the owner of DuroMax

DuroMax Power Equipment, a renowned engine and power tools maker, claims ownership of the DuroMax line of generators. The company’s commitment to top-quality manufacturing and strict quality control has cemented its reputation in the industry since its inception in 2003.

Operating from Ontario, California, DuroMax Power Equipment not only designs but also assembles their engines in-house. This meticulous approach ensures each DuroMax generator meets high standards for home and office environments alike.

Their portfolio boasts over 20 diverse generator models under the DuroMax brand, providing affordable power solutions suitable for various needs and uses.

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

Certainly! Here’s a revised version of the text:

DuroMax generators are designed and engineered in Ontario, California, with manufacturing taking place in China. Service and parts replacement are also handled from the California location.

Engineered and Serviced in California

DuroMax generators are designed, engineered, and serviced in California. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Ontario, California, where they engineer and assemble their engines in-house.

By keeping the production process local, DuroMax ensures top-quality control over their generators. Being based in California also allows them to tap into the state’s innovative technology and expertise, resulting in reliable and efficient generator models.

This commitment to manufacturing excellence has made DuroMax a trusted name for power equipment not just across the USA but around the world as well.

Ensuring quality and control

DuroMax Power Equipment is committed to ensuring top-quality and control in the manufacturing process of Duromax generators. As an industry leader, DuroMax Power Equipment follows strict quality control measures throughout their production line.

They design and assemble their own motors and engines in-house, allowing them full control over the manufacturing process. This dedication to quality ensures that each DuroMax generator meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

Invest in a Duromax generator knowing that it has undergone rigorous testing and inspection to provide reliable power for your home or office environment.

Types of DuroMax Generators

DuroMax offers a range of generator options including natural gas-fueled, propane fueled, gasoline fueled, diesel fueled, bi-fuel, tri-fuel, and inverter generators.

Natural Gas-Fueled

DuroMax Power Equipment offers a range of DuroMax generators fueled by natural gas. These generators are designed to provide reliable power for your home or office. As the manufacturer of their own motors and engines, DuroMax ensures top-quality components that are built in-house.

By offering natural gas-fueled options, they provide an alternative fuel source that is cleaner and more efficient than traditional gasoline or diesel generators. Whether you’re looking for backup power during emergencies or need a generator for outdoor activities, DuroMax’s natural gas-fueled models are a dependable choice.

Propane Fueled

DuroMax generators offer a propane-fueled option, providing users with a convenient and reliable power source. These generators are designed to run on propane fuel, which offers several advantages.

Propane is readily available and widely used, making it easy to obtain for your generator. Additionally, propane burns cleanly and efficiently, reducing emissions and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Gasoline Fueled

DuroMax generators also come in gasoline-fueled models. These generators are designed to run on regular gasoline, making them convenient and easily accessible for most users. With a gasoline-fueled DuroMax generator, you can power your home or office equipment efficiently during outages or when you’re on the go.

Diesel Fueled

DuroMax offers a range of generators that are fueled by diesel. These generators are designed to provide reliable power for various applications, including homes, offices, and outdoor events.

With their efficient diesel engines, DuroMax generators can deliver ample power while minimizing fuel consumption. Whether you need backup power during emergencies or a portable source of electricity for your worksite, DuroMax’s diesel-fueled generators offer a dependable solution.


DuroMax offers bi-fuel generators as part of their product lineup. Bi-fuel generators are designed to run on two different fuel types, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

With a bi-fuel generator, you can choose between using gasoline or propane to power your generator, depending on what is readily available or most cost-effective at the time.

This dual fuel capability ensures that you always have a reliable source of power when you need it, whether it’s for emergencies, outdoor activities, or backup power for your home or office.


DuroMax generators also offer tri-fuel options. This means that in addition to running on gasoline, these generators can also be powered by propane and natural gas. This versatility allows users to choose the fuel source that is most convenient or readily available to them.

With a tri-fuel generator, you have the flexibility to adapt to different situations and fuel availability without sacrificing power output or performance. It’s just another way that DuroMax generators provide reliable power solutions for your home or office.

Inverter Generator

DuroMax Power Equipment offers an impressive range of generator options, including their line of inverter generators. These generators are designed to provide clean and stable power, making them perfect for sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones.

The inverter technology used in these generators also ensures quieter operation and improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional models. With DuroMax’s reputation for quality manufacturing and strict control standards, you can trust that their inverter generators will deliver reliable power when you need it most.

Popular Models of DuroMax Generators

The popular models of DuroMax generators include the DuroMax XP4850EHDuroMax XP4400E, and DuroMax XP4000S. These reliable generators are perfect for your home or office needs. Read more to discover which model suits you best!

DuroMax XP4850EH- Hybrid Generator

The DuroMax XP4850EH is a hybrid generator offered by DuroMax Power Equipment. This versatile generator runs on both gasoline and propane, giving you flexibility in fuel options. With a powerful engine, it provides reliable power for your home or office during emergencies or outdoor activities.

The DuroMax XP4850EH is known for its durability and high performance, making it a popular choice among customers. Whether you need power in case of an outage or want to enjoy your camping trip with modern amenities, this hybrid generator has got you covered.

DuroMax XP4400E

The DuroMax XP4400E is one of the popular models under the DuroMax brand. Manufactured by DuroMax Power Equipment in Ontario, California, this portable generator offers a reliable power source for both home and office environments.

DuroMax XP4000S

The DuroMax XP4000S is one of the popular models of generators produced by DuroMax Power Equipment. It is a portable generator designed for both home and office environments. Made in California, this generator showcases DuroMax’s commitment to top-quality manufacturing and strict quality control.

The XP4000S is known for its reliability and durability, making it a trusted choice for those seeking a dependable power source during emergencies or outdoor activities. With its powerful engine and user-friendly features, the DuroMax XP4000S has earned positive reviews from customers who value its performance and affordability.

Who Makes DuroMax Generators FAQs

Who manufactures DuroMax generators?

DuroMax generators are manufactured by a company called DuroMax Power Equipment.

Are DuroMax generators reliable?

DuroMax generators have gained a reputation for reliability and durability among users. They are known for their robust construction and efficient performance.

Can I find parts and accessories for DuroMax generators easily?

Yes, you can find parts and accessories for DuroMax generators easily through authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturer’s website.


So there you have it, Duromax generators are made by DuroMax Power Equipment, a reputable power equipment manufacturer based in California.

These machines, more than just clusters of wires and metal, personify the essence of power and reliability. Born in the skilled hands of engineers and workers, fueled by dedication, the tale of DuroMax Generators is as riveting as the energy they produce.



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