How many watts do common household appliances use?

How many watts do common household appliances use? Quick Reference Guide

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Do you know which appliances use the most electricity in your home? Knowing which appliances in your home consume the most electricity can help you understand the power consumption needs when planning for an emergency backup power system.

When planning for a backup power system, it is important to know the wattage requirements of your household items you want to power when the electrical grid goes down.

So how many watts do common household appliances use? This quick reference guide will show you which appliances use the most electricity, and how to find out how many watts an appliance uses.

Don’t forget to inspect each appliance in your home individually to see the actual wattage consumption numbers.

Small Appliances Estimated Wattage

ApplianceRunning WattageStarting Watts
Air Fryer1500 W0
Air Purifier25 W0
Aquarium50-1000 W0
Blender 300-1000 W0
Clothes Iron1000-1500 W0
Electric Skillet1000-1500 W0
Espresso Coffee Machine1300 W200 W
Hot Plate750-1500 W0
Clothes Iron1000-1500 W0
Keurig200-400 W1500 W
Microwave (600-1200 watt cooking power) 1000-2000 W0
Rice Cooker200 W500 W
Slow Cooker160 W20 W
Space Heater750-1500 W0
Toaster800-1500 W0
Toaster Oven1200 W0
Waffle Iron800-1500 W0
Wine Cooler83 W0

Major Appliances Estimated Wattage

ApplianceRunning WattageStarting Watts
Central AC (10,000 BTU)1500 W4500 W
Central AC (24,000 BTU)3800 W4500 W
Central AC (40,000 BTU)6000 W6700 W
Chest Freezer6002200 W
Clothes Dryer (Electric)5400 W6750 W
Clothes Dryer (Gas)700 W1800 W
Dehumidifier240 W0 W
Dishwasher1200-2400 W1500 W
Electric Oven2150 W0 W
Electric Stove2000-5000 W0 W
Furnace Fan750-1200 W2350 W
Household Fan50-12010-15 W
Refrigerator500-750 W2200 W
Smart Home Thermostat24 W0 W
Space Heater750-1500 W0 W
Sump Pump 1/2 hp1050 W2150 W
Sump Pump 1/3 hp800 W1300 W
Thermostat360 W0
Washing Machine500-1200 W2300 W
Well Pump 1/2 hp1000 W2100-4000 W
Well Pump 1/3 hp750 W1400-3000 W

What is Running Watts?

Running or rated watts are the continuous watts needed to keep an appliance running. It’s the work over time necessary to keep its momentum from falling.

What is Starting Watts?

Starting watts are the wattage needed to get a device running. A generator can provide this power temporarily,surge power and it’s also called peak or surge power. This is why starting/surging measurements vary greatly depending on how long they’re used at full capacity before shutting off again.

How to Calculate the Wattage of your Appliances?

The first step to finding your appliance’s wattage is by looking for the manufacturers label. All appliances that require electric power by law require a manufacturers label.

Once you have the manufacturers Amp requirements in hand, use this conversion formula:

How to find wattage of appliance

Power = Amps × Voltage

As an example, to find the wattage of appliance that requires 20 amps at 120 volts:

  • 20A × 120V = 2400 Watts are required to power the appliance

However, also be sure to factor in the starting watts. Lasting on 3 to 5 seconds, starting wattage is the biggest draw on the portable generator.

Conclusion: How many watts do common household appliances use

Electricity is a necessary part of life and we should all be prepared for when it goes out. The knowledge that you’ve gained from this quick reference guide will help you plan your emergency backup power system.

Remember, your appliances are designed to operate on a specific wattage, so even during an outage you can still use them safely.

In an effort to be the most comprehensive resource on appliance power requirements, we will add and update this list regularly.



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