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How Many Watts do Common Electronic Devices Require? Quick Reference Guide

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It’s important to know the wattage requirements of your electronic devices when faced with no access to power outlets. This will help ensure that you have enough capacity for all those gadgets and gizmos, so they can keep running when camping or during an emergency.

So how many watts do common electronic devices require? This quick reference guide will show you which electronic devices require the most electricity. You’ll be able to plan your alternative power source system based on the electronic devices that are essential to you.

If you need some help finding the wattage of a device, check out this useful guide. It covers everything from how to calculate wattage using a mathematical formula to where to find the power requirements on different devices.

Don’t forget to inspect each device in your home individually to see the actual wattage consumption numbers.

DeviceMinimum WattageMaximum Wattage
Hair Dryer18002500
Space Heater20005000
Portable Air Conditioner10001200
Clothes Iron10001000
Cell Phone Charger47
Laptop Computer50100
MacBook Pro85
iPad / Tablet1020
Internet WiFi Router515
Internet WiFi Booster12
Desktop Computer with Monitor200450
Inkjet Printer1530
Laser Printer600800
TV 22″ LED/LCD1717
TV 32″ LED/LCD2060
TV 42″ LED/LCD5860
TV 46″ LED/LCD6070
TV 49 LED/LCD8585
TV 55″ LED/LCD116116
TV 65″ LED/LCD120130
TV 82″ LED/LCD228295
Home Theater Projector200270
Blu-Ray or DVD Player2660
Satellite Dish / Receiver2030
Playstation Video Game Console85-200200
XBOX Video Game Console50110
Air Purifier2530
Apple TV36
Amazon Echo34
External Hard Drive13
Guitar Amp2030
Espresso Coffee Machine13001500

Tips For Powering Electronics

If you’re looking for a generator to power your electronics, you’ll want an inverter generator. These generators are designed to provide clean, stable power for electronic devices and EVs.

For sensitive electronics, an Invertor generator is always the best option for power. This is because inverter generators provide clean power that is free from spikes and fluctuations. Sensitive electronics, such as a laptop computer, videogame console, or LED TV can be easily damaged by power that is not properly regulated.

Final Thoughts

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it should give you a good starting point for figuring out which devices will require the most electricity and planning your alternative power source system.

In an effort to be the most comprehensive resource on electronic device power requirements, we will add and update this list regularly.



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