Can You Use Battery Powered Tools In The Rain

Can You Use Battery Powered Tools In The Rain?

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Have you ever wanted to work outside and get DIY tasks done, but found that the rain is stopping you from getting out there and finishing things? And you might be wondering can you use battery powered tools in the rain? Or do you need to wait until the rain stops?

Never use battery powered tools in the rain as they are not watertight, and pose a risk of electrocution. You may even ruin your power tool, as water can create surges. Some tools have the necessary protection to be used in wet weather, and will be advertised as such.

Can you use battery powered tools in the rain is a question that I get asked a lot, and it’s a valid one. Most homeowners assume using a battery powered tool is perfectly safe while operating in a light drizzle or misting of rain. However, that can’t be further from the truth, and can be very dangerous.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the things you need to consider before using any battery powered tool around moisture. We will also touch on the risks that are associated with doing so. Let’s dive into this.

Why Can’t You Use Battery Powered Tools In The Rain?

Some people do try to use battery powered tools in the rain, thinking that this is safe because there is no power cord or outlet that is at risk of getting wet. However, your battery powered tools are still using electricity to run, and this electricity means it’s not safe to use in the rain.

The exception to this is, if the power tool specifically states that it is watertight and can be used outdoors in wet weather.

Some power tools have been designed to be safer in the rain and you should be able to use these outdoors even in wet conditions. However, if your tool does not say that it’s safe, you must avoid using it in the rain.

What Are The Risks Of Using Power Tools In The Rain?

The biggest risk of using a power tool in wet conditions is that the water will cause the electricity to jump, and this could result in electrocution. It could seriously hurt or even kill you.

As the least severe risk, the tool may be damaged due to exposure of moisture. However, this is still a risk that should be considered. If the tool is left in the moisture for too long, it could be permanently damaged.

Can Battery Powered Tools Exposed to Moisture be Repaired?

If your battery powered tool is exposed to water, immediately wipe away any moisture on the tool and battery. Once wiped dry, do not use the tool for several hours, and place it in a dry environment. Depending on how much moisture the tool was exposed to, it might still be able to be repaired.

However, if the tool was submerged in water, more than likely it is ruined.

Do Watertight Battery Powered Tools Exist?

Some brands are now marketing battery powered tools as being watertight. This means that they should be able to withstand exposure to rain, and even submerged in water for short periods of time.

If you need to use a tool in a moisture rich environment, such as on a boat, consider purchasing tools specifically designed and labeled watertight. They are designed to withstand exposure to moisture and maintain their performance.

Can You Use Battery Powered Tools in the Rain Final Thoughts

There is an easy answer to “can you use battery powered tools in the rain?” and it’s a firm “no” unless the tool says that it has been specifically designed for this. Just as portable generators are not safe to use in the rain, battery powered tools are not either.

I hope this guide helps clear the air on using tools in the rain. Best to wait another day to finish that outdoor project if it’s raining.



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